Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picture Imperfect


SIMPLY SNICKERS displays 'The Goose Girl' as one of this weeks choices.

A simple little painting? But all is not as it seems!


There she stands among the bluebells,
In a picture-perfect pose,
Geese are scattered round the hemline
Of her quaint and dated clothes.
She was such a 'Pride of Erin'
Dublin prized her Irishness,
In the Gallery they hung her;
She was certain to impress.
They said the artist found her 
On a sojourn deep in France;
Admirers stood around delighted
By the happy circumstance.
William Leech was a son of Ireland;
So their pride was not surprising.
Indeed she became the logo
On the Gallery's advertising!
Then came the day they discovered
A picture that pierced  their pride.
The picture's similarities
Just could not be denied!

'Spring Morning among the Bluebells',
The painting that was found,
Was by an Englishman called Royle!
Dublin's art-world really frowned.
Then, on closer inspection,
A small 'le', that's all,
Proved the rightful name of the artist,
And so pride had to fall.
It seems  that William Leech
Had put the painting on display,
On the wall of his own studio,
But in no dishonest way.
He simply liked the painting,
And others, when he died,
Presumed that it was done by him
And that never was denied.
So....a painting with a history;
A fascinating story;
How a certain Dublin Gallery 
Lost some of its former glory.

But here's a postscript of my own.......
My daughter, when quite young,
Traced the selfsame picture
And here you see it hung,
Hung in our spare bedroom,
For all the world to see,
A tapestry of 'The Goose Girl'!
How famous can you be!

Note: she got tired of embroidering bluebells and fabricated a lake at the back!


rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Brenda,
sono passata per caso nel suo blog,
e mi sono piaciute le sue musiche, che ho inserito nel mio blog.-
Un saluto e buon fine settimana.-

Winifred said...

I like that story, nice twist.

Your daughter has good sense. At least she didn't dump it in a cupboard when she got sick of it, which is what I tend to do! Nice work.

Darlene said...

Benda, a good painting deserves a good showing and Leech obviously knew that. The tapestry copy is lovely as is your poem.

Happy Easter.

Patty said...

Have a grand Easter Sunday.

Kat said...

I liked the Goose girl embroidery Rebecca did.

Reminds me of an unfinished work my daughter and me started long back....! Shuold complete it someday.