Monday, April 27, 2009

Going Under

suggests 'WATER'.


The opinions of the Hunter Valley Community are divided regarding the 'drowning of a large area of arable land to build
Tillegra Dam.


Here we see a stretch of water which does not exist.
But be assured, the Powers That Be have got it on their list.
This is just a mock-up of the way that things will be
When Tillegra Dam becomes another sort of inland sea.
One hundred and sixty thousand people are going to move in
To a lovely fertile valley, with their buildings and their din.
Those people will need water, even in times of drought;
So many places in this land have learned to live without.
Great for the economy, but sad for the countryside,
Which graziers and farmers have nurtured with such pride.
Is it needed? I don't know; it's all too much for me!
They tell me what a playground the ensuing lake will be;
They say that sailing, fishing and other like diversions,
Will send the tourists there in droves on fun-loving excursions.
Then others say it isn't needed, it can be done without!
The cost is quite extortionate, there isn't any doubt.
All I know is.... sunken homesteads, out-buildings gone for ever,
Are mournful things to contemplate, and we can be too clever.

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Margaret Gosden said...

As populations grow and travel to improve their lives, water is going to be needed. There will always be somewhere for those who want to retreat, and do without.

We will need a rime from you next on the problems of migration and immigration because, if there's a beautiful new dam to be built somewhere, nobody will be allowed to travel to its delights, if the problem of entering and leaving a country is not sorted out soon!

Kat said...

After reviewing the "Before" and "After" pictures and reading the rime carefully.....

I feel that the "Before" must be retained and left as it is..!!!