Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stands to Reason


Reuben was a bright young lad who attended Hebrew School;
He always got his answers right, for he was no-one's fool.
His teacher, Mr Goldblatt had been lecturing the class
About the roots of Judaism and how things came to pass.
Reuben put his hand up and said 'I want to know
The answers to some questions, regarding long ago'
'Speak up' said Mr Goldblatt, 'I'll gladly put you straight
About our nation's history from the very earliest date.'
Said Reuben 'Well, sir, is it true, as true as it can be,
That the Children of Israel, when pursued, crossed over the Red Sea?'
'Indeed, it's true' Mr Goldblatt said; 'They followed all God's signs.'
Said Reuben 'And did the Children of Israel defeat the Philistines?'
'Indeed. indeed' Mr Goldblatt said 'Everything you say is true.'
Continued Reuben ' Is it right that they built the Temple too?'
'Yes' replied the teacher 'And they fought the Roman hoardes.
Our own Children of Israel fought against their mighty swords.
Now Reuben, what's the line of thought you're so keen on pursuing?'
'I want to know' said Reuben
'What all the grownups were doing.'

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Inday said...

Yeah indeed Reuben! What did all the grownups were doing? Maybe busy carrying the children behind their back? Amusing Madam!

LA Nickers said...

Very cute!

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Devil Mood said...

hahaha this is fantastic! So funny and clever :)

Kat said...

Was tickled reading this...
Kids ask real intelligent Qs.

Am reminded of a father scolding his son, who was whiling away time... " Do you know what Nehru (our first prime minister) did when he was a kid..?"

the son replied it seems " I don't know what he did as a kid, but I know that in your age, he had become the Prime Minister"..!!!!