Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Day on the Sands

Pity about the weather! I look forward to these jaunts.
It's always rather lovely going back to the old haunts.
Remember the old days, Maudie, all that sand and all that sea?'
You with Georgie Pemberton, and Reggie Smith with me?
'Those were the days, eh, Ethel! We used to catch the train,
And it didn't really matter if we got caught in the rain.
We'd cuddle under a raincoat, and Reggie would steal a kiss!'
'The memories come flooding back when you reminisce.
That Reggie was a charmer, so tall and smart and slim!
Everybody expected you'd be sure to marry him!
Then you went and married your Arthur! Whatever were you about?'
'Don't remind me, Ethel! I swopped champagne for a bottle of stout!
Reggie Smith fell for Arlene Ramsey, the wretched low-down worm!!
Remember her sexy dresses, and that awful plastic perm!
They met one night at the Palais and they didn't seem to care
That I saw them out in the alley 'getting a breath of fresh air!'...........
So whatever happened to Georgie? He seemed a nice little chap.
I remember on the Dodgems you used to sit in his lap!'
'Fat lot of good it did me! Turned out it was all a pose.
In the end it was pretty obvious that he was....... one of those!'
'Ethel! Who'd have thought it! He pretended that he was shy!'
'You can guess how I felt about it! I thought that I should die!
But I carried on at the typing-pool and looked after Mum and Dad.
Georgie Smith! I hate to tell you he was the only beau I had!
Well, Maudie, I'll head for home now; Dad'll expect his tea.'
'And Arthur expects me home, too, to dress his gammy knee!
It's been good to talk about those days; the Day Trips to the sea.
We all got sand in our knickers but that didn't bother me!
I've enjoyed our little chat, Ethel. Now we'll go our seperate ways.'
'It's been delightful, Maudie! 
Remembering The Good Old Days!'


Wings1295 said...

Very cool. Such fun, thanks for sharing!

Margaret Gosden said...

There certainly was a rapid change in your weather picture today! A reminiscent, sentimental sort of look back, typical of a certain British era and 'class' humour that was full of sexist and racist innuendo. A good rime about how ironic this is, considering the advances that have since been made elsewhere to not demean the differences of others. They were more like the bad, bad old days, don't you think!

The Silver Fox said...

Adorable poem. Loved it.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

When I read this, my first thought was, "Wow, she's got some imagination!" I don't know if you've written dialogue before, but I love this interaction between the old friends. I'm getting a mental image of their lives just from reading their conversation. You didn't even have to write anything else. And, that's hard to do.

And, the "memories do come flooding back when you reminisce," don't they?

I hope you have a good day, Brenda.


Jo said...

Hi Brenda, finally I had a little time and a lot of bandwidth left for the month of April so I read through your posts.Excellent!

G.K. Asante said...

Charming piece!

Anonymous said...

This sounds so familiar! I love how you used the different colored font - made it so easy to follow. A little drama, mystery, humour - rather like life! :)

Carrie Van Horn said...

This is utterly charming Brenda....i love it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, their voices really had that ring of authenticity that made this poem so much fun to read. I could almost picture them in my head. Well done!