Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Forest: Old Times

 I think others 'of a certain age' might find this piece of memorabilia charming. This would have been one of the last photographs of my father.


A photograph that's blurred and old, from many years a ago.
My cousin sent it recently and it's new to me, although
I knew about the circumstance that caused this little shot,
And it brought to mind a time long gone that I nearly forgot.
I think the early 'sixties'..... yes, that could be the date;
I have to cast my mind back and try to contemplate.
In letters sent to Africa I heard of such a jaunt;
My parents and relations in a favourite forest haunt.
They all loved the New Forest; a lovely spot, it's true,
And they all enjoyed playing Scrabble, so they combined the two.
They used to set-up wind-breaks and light a picnic fire
And sit, playing Scrabble or reading, as the smoke grew ever higher.
Surrounded by gigantic trees and sheltered from the breeze,
They drank their very British tea and sat back at their ease.
Such a nostalgic photograph! Such happy times to share.
Thanks for sending it, Richard. I wish that I'd been there!


Elizabeth said...

New Forest/Scrabble
Now you're talking. It could have been my father too...

Had a happy afternoon yesterday with Margaret playing with our blogs.

Spring Greetings

Winifred said...

That is a lovely photo and what a great poem to accompany it. Nice work Brenda.

Hope you have a happy Easter.

Darlene said...

I love to play scrabble, but there is no one to play with here. Sigh!

I am constantly amazed that you can come up with a new rhyme every day. I hope they will all be in book form someday - it would be a best seller.

Lucy said...

so nice Rinkly.
happy easter.

Unknown said...

Love your poems. Always a good read throughout, and I eagerly await the ending. In this case, as usual, you did not disappoint. The older I get, I too find myself nostalgically thinking of times gone past.

The Retired One said...

That reminds me of my mom's side of the family...there can never be a gathering of them without them playing some game: Michigan Rummy, poker, board games...
lots of laughter and teasing going was always fun. They still do it if we have any family reunions!
The Retirement Chronicles

Kat said...

It is so nice to see your family get-together. Wish the photo was a little larger to see the details.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

A nice family having a cuppa and cucumber sandwich.

Will you post the photo again and have it bigger. When I first saw the smoke, I thought they were having the great aussie barbie.

Chef E said...

Reminds me of my dad who loved to camp out, but by the banks of a lake or river so he could fish, his solace.

As a poet I totally enjoyed reading this, thank you for sharing :)

~JarieLyn~ said...

I really enjoyed your poem. This post was such a delight.