Wednesday, April 29, 2009



  Onomatoepeia! What a most exciting word!
I find I use it almost every day!
And there are more  examples that, as yet, I haven't heard!
And most of them are such great fun to say.
I'd be loudly shouting 'Tuxtax!' if I lived in ancient Rome
Intending to give someone else a whack.
I'd be saying 'Dokidoki!' if Tokyo was my home
And I was speaking of a heart-attack!
Take the truly great example that's illustrated here, 
Say 'Splat!' and then it's there, in your mind's eye,
It could be a well-aimed snowball that smacks one on the ear,
Or a fly-swat that gets a passing fly.
And think of all the animals whose voices we portray
In simple words that get the sound off-pat.
There's the 'Woof-woof!' and the 'Quack-quack' and the 'Oink-oink!' and the 'Neigh!",
And don't forget the "Meow!' of the cat!
I think all language started with an imitation sound;
A caveman must have instituted 'Plop!'
And other people liked it and so it spread around.
Goodness gracious, is it ever going to stop!


Anonymous said...

A funny post, oink, oink...

Janie said...

I love that word. I wanted to use it, but couldn't think of such a cute rhyme to go with it.

Reader Wil said...

It's a great O word Brenda! We have a funny word for bike: fiets. This is the French word " vite" meaning fast. I missed you, have you been away? Thanks for your visit!

anthonynorth said...

A great use of language. That was fun! :-)

Darlene said...

I need my dictionary to understand today's rhyme. Onomotoepia - okay - it's the formation of words by using sounds. Never too old to learn something new I guess. Thanks for the education. Now I will roar like a lion.

Mara said...

Okay, blonde on the inside here. Onomatoepeia means making an animal sound? Or am I way off now?

gone to the dogs said...

Isn't that a great word! I enjoyed your poem.

Pat - Arkansas said...

This is wonderful!! Love your "O."

Tumblewords: said...

Laughing at your clever post and yes, I'm hoping onomatoepeia never stops!

Bee said...

Words that sound like what they mean are just so satisfying.

Crunch. (I'm eating an apple.)

Rose said...

What a clever poem, Rinkly Rimes! I enjoy just saying the word onomatopoeia:)

Granny Smith said...

You are always a delight with your light touch and clever mind. This is no exception.

Jay said...

I love onomatopeic words!

The hiss of a snake, the sqeak of a mouse ... slap. clap. creak and clank - I think you're right! They must have started as imitative sounds!