Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Best-Laid Plans!

(Author is away on holiday and unable to respond to comments.)

WATERY WEDNESDAY again! And this was VERY watery (but fun!)


'Let's meet for lunch in Auckland!' the invitation read.
'We know the perfect place right by the sea.
The sand is golden yellow and the mountains lie ahead
And the view is always glorious to see!'
Well, of course, we were excited; it all seemed so ideal,
And our cameras were held there at the ready,
But it sheeted down with rain throughout the full length of the meal
And the rain was deluge-type and very steady!
We couldn't see a mountain! We could hardy see the beach!
There was not a single soul; it was deserted.
And the water was depressing though, quite true, it was in reach,
And the mud squelched up in rivulets and spurted!
But we had a lovely luncheon and the conversation flowed,
As we talked of times we'll never be forgetting.
And it didn't really matter if it stormed or if it snowed!
True Friendship doesn't need a perfect setting.

1 comment:

Kat said...

Agree one hundred percent.

Even if rains had become spoilsport...

True Blendship doesn't look for ambience or the perfect place.

Great thought.