Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brain Box

This actually happened to me only yesterday!


We met at the cheese-tasting counter, this elderly lady and I,
And we started a brief conversation, when we both caught the other's eye.
Then I used a phrase which upset her; she bridled, yes that is the word,
As though it was something quite dreadful, that little phrase she'd heard.
When I mentioned the adjective 'old' she spun round and almost shouted!
That I had hit on a raw, raw nerve , well, that could not be doubted!
'I'm not old!' then she went on; 'You may be, but I am not!'
And, for the briefest moment, I thought she'd lost the plot!
After all, she was bent and wrinkled and her hair was iron-grey,
I'm afraid I'd have guessed at eighty because she looked that way!
'Don't you know your brain's a computer!' My new friend looked quite cross.
'Only you alone can program! Yes, you alone are boss.
You put in your brain the program and it's then your brain reacts.
You're simply what you tell your brain. I know these are the facts!
Tell your brain you're old, my dear, and your brain will say O.K.
Your programming needs improvement!'
And she briskly walked away!
An encounter at the counter! I felt that I'd been sprung!
But I left the shop saying to my brain 'You're young! You're young! You're young!'


diane b said...

great post. I agree, you are young and very clever. I have been trying hard to tell myself I'm young this week as I've had a sore back (from weeding) which slowed me down remarkably. Next week I am starting a 10 week contract teaching again so that should wake me up from my retirement slumber and get me thinking young again.

pictureeachday said...

This really happened? What a funny incident! It led to a great poem :)

Anonymous said...

You lost me when you mentioned "cheese"( just kidding ). I've had this happen, as well but couldn't put it to verse. Fantastic :)

Anonymous said...

ah life and me, we hardly get along :(

Winifred said...

Well as they say "There's nowt as queer as folks".

Kat said...

Apart from rhyming...
You've become a good programmer too..!!!