Friday, April 3, 2009

Bush Theatre



'I'll capture the last of the sunset!'
I remember that was my intention.
But the light shone from windows behind me
A fact no-one bothered to mention!
I'd expected just dark silhouettes,
But, instead, to my joy and delight,
The trees were dramatically featured,
All bathed in theatrical light. 
As trees go I know they're quite average,
But that back-lighting shimmer and shine,
Gave these old trees their moment of glory
As they danced in a Chorus Line.


Louise said...

Quite a pretty theater! With a view like that, it should draw a crowd every time.

Martha Z said...

Isn't it wonderful to download a picture and find it is more than we expected. Great post.

KB said...

Beautiful shot. Nice job.

Jim said...

Beautiful shot.

Sydney City and Suburbs

prkl said...

Very nice with the flash on the foreground. Adds more interest to it compared to all black silhouettes. Very nice SWF post. Have a great weekend!

Kat said...

The light enlightens everything..!!!