Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Taurus!


The age of Taurus now is here and you are in your prime!
You'll celebrate your birthday so it's a happy time.
You're cautious and you're practical yet sentimental too,
But 'impulsive' is a word that we would never use for you.
You spend time on decisions for you want them to be right
And, when you've made your mind up, you really hang on tight.
Some say that you are obstinate; you don't enjoy advice,
And, often, by rejecting it, you tend to pay a price.
The truth is that you don't like change; you hang on to the known;
But, if you dig your heels in, you may end up alone.
You really love home-comforts; that's why you dislike change;
But there's a sort of lethargy that some find rather strange.....
Because you're very practical and like to get things done,
Doing odd jobs round the house or gardening in the sun.
But they're always tasks that root you to the home that means so much,
Repairs and alterations and DIY and such.
You are honourable and patient, and you make a doughty friend
As you'll always be supportive and unchanging to the end.
You are sensual and loving, so you make the perfect mate
Unless your partner yearns for change that you can't contemplate.
You doubt your intuition; rely upon it more,
And when adventure comes along please, please don't shut the door.
So Happy Birthday Taurus! The next few weeks will be
The era of the Bull, my friends, so bellow merrily!

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Shannon said...

my lil boy is a Taurus and this really fits his personality a lot... exept for impulsive MAY be a word to describe him.... BUT... he's many years to develop into the man he WILL become! :)