Thursday, April 9, 2009

Funny Bunny

Overfed Rabbit.

Mari Meehan of Dogwalk Musings read the blog preceding this and responded with this rather hurtful (?) photograph. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound! Here's my response to her response.


Mari Meehan! It isn't funny
To send me this enormous bunny!
It sags, it droops, it blimps, it flops!
And it's eaten all Australia's crops!!!!
This wombat, now, is trim and neat,
Not having had too much to eat!
Easter Bunny! Hop away!
Give me Easter Bilbies any day!

That's me underneath this Wombat!


Unknown said...

Whoa! I never realized they were so big. That's one creature you did not send to south Florida. (We have much smaller "marsh bunnies.")

Winifred said...

My what a whopping wombat! I thought they were tichy little things. Must have been over indulging too.

Love the giant rabbit.