Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scarily Scarlet!

                                       James Fardoulys

(The Author is away on holiday and is unable to respond to comments.)

MY TRUE COLOURS suggests SCARLET for today's theme.

This SCARLET WOMAN'S name is Selina and she is a character in one of my melodramas. She runs a boarding-house, luring unsuspecting men to their deaths! Well, you can't get much more scarlet than that!


(To the old tune 'Near You.')

There's just one place to be….
My place!
There's just one face to see…..
My face!
Are you feeling sad?
Are things looking bad?
Are there certan tender things
That make a man feel glad?
Come and try my soft beds!
Try my wine! I have Reds.
Gentlemen preferred!
A heap of them have purred!
For there's intimacy
At My Place!

I have one place in mind…..
My place!
It is oh so refined!
My base!
All that you desire
By my cosy fire!
You may even linger till
We cuddle and retire!
See! My door stands ajar!
For you!
Yes! You look below par!
Poor you!
Ladies! Don't apply!
Yes! Ladies! Walk on by!
But the men can unwind
At My Place!


Poopsie aka Blue said...

Loved it!
I took the Scarletwoman approach too!

Lucy said...

u are so fun!

Kat said...

Selina really scares.

Prudent to be a 'suspecting man' :)