Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Faded ink and faded paper,
Faded words and faded dreams.
Long-forgotten wishful thinking,
Long-departed idle schemes.
Tied with ribbon they lie waiting
Letters from the days gone by.
Will their youthful words embarrass?
Will their passions make us cry?
Soon old letters will be relics.
Telegrams? Now what were they?
They would now be classed as 'clutter'
By the writers of today.
If you send your love an email
It will vanish in thin air!
When you're old will you remember
So-and-so who used to care?
If you send your love a message
On your mobile, clicked in text,
Very soon they will erase it,
Making room for what comes next.
But a faded, dusty letter,
Touched a-while with tenderness,
Smelling of the days departed,
Bringing back some past caress,
Can't be clicked into oblivion;
It lives on and on it seems.
Faded ink and faded paper,
Faded words and faded dreams.


Carol said...

A wonderful post...what beautiful presents and presence you create with words...good L too...

naturglede/Randi Lind said...

I love to have letters and to send them. Great choise. Have a fun abc:)

Unknown said...

This is a nice L! I used to LOVE getting real letters in college. Now no one writes letters any more : (. My Mommy sends a letter each week to my son. Isn't that the sweetest. Hope your Easter is spectacular!

Sylvia K said...

A really poignant and beautiful poem. Thanks! A good one to go with "L" day!

anthonynorth said...

Reading letters written decades ago can be an amazing experience - as I've discovered myself. Was it really me?

Jane Hards Photography said...

Letters of course. Perefect really for you and your many letters.

photowannabe said...

Faded words and faded dreams. Wonderful post. I really liked your poem.

Tumblewords: said...

This will be really interesting. A lovely post - surely one that makes my mind refill with the past!

Jay said...

That was beautiful, and so true.

Your poetry is so soothing, somehow. I never have to struggle to make it scan, or to understand the meaning. :)

Margaret Gosden said...

I got the message, loud and clear!! It really looks like I will not get any more like 'em!

Kat said...

Its mobile messages that fade.
These letters live on..!!

Smiling to read Margaret's comment.

Anonymous said...

i read my dad's letters sometimes..

he died in feb..

Amity said...

very nostalgic Brenda,

but i would still cherish love letters written long ago though they've faded already because they're reminiscent of wonderful past.

true, emails and texts can't stay long. with just a click of the mouse, they're gone, but will only live in memories which may also fade!

lovely post dear!
a unique take on the propmpt!

SandyCarlson said...

I have bundles of such letters that I dare not open but cannot release.

Loch Rob said...

Your fine work chronicles one of the "signs of the time". Everything has to be faster, electronic, NOW. While a person who embraces technology, there are still some things that don't need to change. I have boxes full of old letters and cards too.

Sherri B. said...

This was so beautiful! Handwritten letters are becoming a lost art, and it is very sad. You are so right that there will be no "hard copy" memories left...everything is electronic. Lovely poem!

Loch Rob said...

I also keep cards and letters. Memories from a book full of life.

Jukota said...

This is superb. So many concepts to address the prompt, and you've fit them all into one poem! Well done!

Gemma Wiseman said...

So pleased that you linked this post into my Weekend Mailbox meme! Very moving words, showing just how the thrill of texting is only a memory in the aether but letters are tangible memories! Beautiful poem!

Enjoy your weekend!

Marja said...

An amzing post for mailbox Beautiful poem full of nostalgia of letters I have a few shoe boxes ful with letters and postcards

Laurie Kolp said...

Beautiful and so true... there's nothing like a real letter you can hold in your hand and cherish forever.

Sheila said...

absolutely divine - gave me chills even! I would snail mail this comment to you if I could. :)

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Superb! Letter and the memories contained therein live as long as we want them - text - erased in a second. Never considered this!

Anna :o]

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful post and so true words, thoughts ...


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Absolutely spot on!

And I deplore those thoughtless people who so happily and readily denigrate letters as 'snail mail'.