Wednesday, April 1, 2009

'Green' Kangaroos!


This bit of nonsense is actually scientifically valid!


Next time you meet a kangaroo,
Possibly when you're at the zoo,
Consider its intrinsic worth
As a saviour of the earth!
I learnt today that its 'emissions'
Are favourable to earth's conditions,
Unlike those of the dairy cow,
Who's fallen out of favour now.
We like its milk and gentle eyes
But it's pretty lethal otherwise.
We're grateful for the milk and cream
But we aren't too pleased when it 'lets off steam!'
Sadly the gentle creature tends
To exhale methane from both ends!
Methane, as I'm sure you know,
From items on the radio,
Is a really nasty 'greenhouse' gas.
(Forgive me for being rather crass!)
A quarter of all mankind's pollution,
Comes from the cattles' contribution!
But here's the really important news ...
Cows eat grass as do kangaroos:
But the latter, 'emitting' with might and main,
Never produce any bad methane!
It seems bacteria deep inside
Keeps their gases purified!
So what of the future? Are we needing
The useful results of inter-breeding?
Or can there be a neat correction
With a pro-bacterial injection?
Will cows, world-wide, soon be replaced?
Will human-beings change their taste
To kangaroo milk, cream and steak?
It'll be an enormous change to make!
Cows just stand and ruminate;
Kangaroos are less sedate!
Imagine herds of bounding creatures
With very, let's say, 'quirky' features,
Living behind enormous fences
Built as part of a farm's defences!
Will kangaroos become, I wonder,
Not just an oddity from Down Under,
But will we one day find them swarming,
The shock troops defeating Global Warming?

5 comments: said...

For me the solution I adopted is no beef anymore, except when I'm invited by friends...
I like your humourous comments.

Kat said...

Very thought provoking...

1) We'll have to fit some filters at the ends of the cows, to neutralise these methane.

2) or as rightly suggested experiment injecting the right bacteria into cows :)

3) or learn to like K's milk and steak and retire the cows..!!!

Indrani said...

Kat told me to read this.
Scientifically valid, but definitely makes sense. :)

Anonymous said...

This is very cute and I have to say that I didn't know anything about a kangaroo's digestive system.. Good to know they aren't contributing to global warming... Michelle

bobbie said...

Very amusing. And I've always been fond of kangas. Are they really good for our environment? Super!