Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Grizzled Sprid

Shinozaki Elementary School in TOKYO

suggests the theme 'LANGUAGE' .

I've always wanted to write a nonsense rhyme because language becomes acrobatic in such a poem.
 So here goes!


The Grizzled Sprid
Did what he did,
And did it very well.
He chumfed his splang
And when it rang
He didn't like the smell.
'Oh wugdydoo!
It's in the stew!'
The Sprid was heard to cry.
'I'll use a flout
To get it out
And hang it up to dry.'
When it had smiffed
The Sprid was miffed
For it no longer fitted.
His trangles splayed
Though it was made
By Auntie Flub, who knitted.
The Grizzled Sprid
Then went and hid
Because he felt denuded.
'I'll crog my eye
Until I die
And I hope you all get snooded!'
'Oh Grizzled Sprid
Here is a scrid
To make you feel much better!'
He put it on
And then was gone
As fast as a squinching spletter!


anthonynorth said...

Very enjoyable. I'm looking forward to your essay on Spridology :-)

Darlene said...

Brenda, you are the second Dr. Seuss. I love that nonsense rhyme as it's so much fun to read out loud. It sings.

Dee Martin said...

this is wonderful! It needs illustrations!!

Granny Smith said...

oh, I LOVE it! You're giving Lewis Carroll a run for his money!

Loran said...

How delightful!

Sandy said...

How very entertaining! Great rhyme! I'm so glad i came across your blog :)

California Girl said...

I reeeeaaallly like this. You should keep up the nonsense rhymes. You're good!

nonizamboni said...

What fun! My hat's off to the Sprid and your very creative soul.

flowergirl said...

It had me giggling!

Annie Jeffries said...

I sure hope you do more of these. This is outstanding. Needs a book and illustrations.

missalister said...

Ha, this is great! Along the lines of your dear Lewis Carroll and “Jabberwocky”, one of my all-time favorites! ‘Twas brilling, this use of language, Ms. Rimes! Callooh, callay, I whifflingly say!

Kat said...

Was such a change..
from reading the usual 'sense' rhymes