Sunday, April 12, 2009

For the Sake of the Planet!


We don't use heating in the day because the climate's mild.
Although it gets cool in the night and we like the blankets piled.
Sixteen or seventeen degrees, that's our daytime norm,
And when the days a sunny one it can really feel quite warm.
But when the evening shadows fall (now, don't I sound poetic!)
We'll say 'We're in for an early night', trying to sound prophetic.
There's little point in heating-up the whole house for we two,
So, after supper, here's an inkling of the things we do.
We switch-on the electric-blanket until it's really snug,
And then we take some chocolates and our coffee in a mug,
And we lie in bed in splendour, reading comfortably!
Now tell me, just how decadent can any person be?
Maybe it's just seven o'clock! We take no note of time;
If it's cold it's time for bed! And isn't it sublime!
Now you may think our attitude entirely hedonistic,
But we approach the matter on the lines of a statistic.
Just think of all the greenhouse gas were saving, just we two!
Now don't you think that our approach is what everyone should do!
Don't let me hear any snide remarks re geriatric impropriety!
We should get a Nobel Prize for considering society!


diane b said...

Good for you. What about turn off the TV and read a book, save even more power. (Only joking)

Winifred said...

Very green Brenda. This is a great poem. Humour but with a message.

I kept hoping global warming would mean we get warmer weather but so far it's only wetter!

Never mind it's a glorious day. Happy Easter to you.

Winifred said...

Switch off the leccie blanket too and put on your woolly socks!

DeniseinVA said...

Clapping loudly here, great poem. You are so very clever with them. This is something that everyone should read. Great post!

Kat said...

hope the noble men take note of this for the Nobel prize..!!!

Was tickled reading the clarification "not us" :)))