Thursday, October 18, 2012


letter 'V'


'Red with the blood of slaughtered foes,
The ancient Viking surely knows
That he'll be heading for Valhalla
Because of his bravery and valour.
Do the Story-tellers believe
The fantasies they're known to weave?
If they know that they arise
From a bit of brain between the eyes,
They must know that they're not true.
Or is mine just a jaundiced view?
They create as they tell tales
About things like Jonahs inside Whales!
If they know that they're creating,
They are just pontificating.
As listeners hang on every word,
It doesn't matter how absurd
The ideas are that they declare
Have come from somewhere 'way up there'.
In other words, these men are frauds,
Often in the pay of lords
Who want to see indoctrination,
So they can more easily rule the nation.
Take Valhalla.......the whole idea
Was, when a nasty war was near,
To make the soldiers defend the lord,
In expectation of a reward!
Valhalla would be one long feast
With all inhibitions being released!
Women! And wine to quench the thirst.
Pity one had to be slaughtered first!
The foot-soldiers, with low I.Q's,
Saw Valhalla as tremendous news.
The Story-Teller, full of guile,
Smiled a little triumphant smile.
The Lord rewarded him, no doubt.
How cleverly it all worked-out.
Sad to say, the hoi poloi
Didn't see through this crafty ploy.
And generations down the line
Thought the Valhalla story fine.
The Story-Teller was dead and gone,
But the legend lingered on.
And so it is with the present-day;
Story-Telling still holds sway.
Myths and legends, once created
By Story-Tellers, are impregnated
Into the mind-set of the throng;
Glorified in prayer and song.
Valhalla is no longer feted;
The idea quaint and very dated.
But still a lot of the world is ruled
By Story-Tellers!
And we're still fooled.


Peter Pumpkin went to the doctor
With a sore tongue and a cough.
Said the doctor 'I don't want to scare you,
But your ears have fallen off.'


Unknown said...

I hope he can get ear transplants.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Yikes! I wouldn't want him mad at me!!!

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

what deep thinking.

Margaret Gosden said...

Valhalla - This is the 'serious stuff' I like! That, and CHORES...while my brothers went out to play, I stayed home and wiped the dishes dry! Now, decades later, we have dish washers and the chore is to rinse a plate before putting it into the dish washer. Do you think the grandsons do that without some hint that it really isn't their job! LOL somehow they are born into this role of what is considered women's work!

Cheryl D. said...

Great poetry! You have a gift!

Jenny said...

Wow. This was intense.

And amazing.

And the bottom picture cracked me up!

Thanks for linking!

you're a gem!