Thursday, October 4, 2012

Standing on Ceremony

asks us to use these three words



The body of a human male is rather a feeble thing;
Stand him next to a mighty lion and you'll soon see who's king!
Of course there is a little time when it's gorgeous to behold,
But shortly after this event the body starts getting old.
I wont go into details; that wouldn't be polite,
But, take it from me, most ageing men are not a pretty sight.
Now just about the time they find they're dwindling and fading
Their position in society is notably up-grading.
This is when ceremonial garb must hide their physical power,
Adding a certain dignity to improve their shining hour.
Take Cardinals and Admirals and  the Mayor of the city......
They're all done-up like Christmas Trees, although they're not as pretty.
Although the poor old body's ripe and due for a decline,
They slap on gold-braid with a will and then they feel just fine.
In days gone by the Emperors put on their peacock plumes
And that's how they're depicted on memorials and tombs.
Standing there like popinjays they really were 'dressed to kill'
Demanding that their armies fight for them with a will.
They didn't have to lacerate, or bludgeon, slay or beat;
They only had to stand there looking good enough to eat.
To see beneath the surface......sorry this is rather rude....
Use your imagination.....picture them in the nude.

6 letters, 6 words, 6 lines.

(An Acrostic)

Cocoons are hard and very strong;
Hiding inside, do the caterpillars long,
Awaiting that weird and awesome change?
Nothing else is quite so strange.
Growing at long last into butterflies
Exchanging earth for the endless skies.



Sheilagh Lee said...

wow I love the way you put the first poem and the second is just as well done

Anonymous said...

Very entertaining. I enjoyed the attitude and the pomp associated with aging men...Thank you!