Wednesday, October 17, 2012


letter N


Long have I been a nelipot
And my Mother was a nelipot too!
She said she came from gipsy stock
When it came to sock and shoe.
In the snow of an English winter
She'd hang the clothes on the line
With nothing on her feet at all,
Saying she felt just fine!
Look at the feet in the picture!
Those feet in a state of bliss!
Feeling the grass between the toes!
There's no better feel than this!
'These feet were made for walking'
On the beach down by the sea,
With the sand all squidgy between the toes!
Oh what felicity!
Right into a ripe old age
From being a tiny tot,
There's no better thing on earth to be
Than a pleasured nelipot!
(Look it up!)


He had sat all night in his study,
His Great Work almost done.
He knew it would be successful!
This was the superlative one!
The words had been rich as treacle,
The plot quite beyond compare,
The characterisation was perfect;
He knew he was almost there!
Now for the final paragraph,
The wonderful tour de force
The words that would make him famous,
And complete the whole discourse.
He wrestled with the syntax,
The words just wouldn't come,
Jemima, his wonderful heroine
Was suddenly struck dumb!
And then, in an icy moment,
He knew he was a jerk....
The plot, the plot, the wonderful plot
It simply didn't work!
Right back at the beginning,
Right back on page three,
He'd made a simple statement
That simply could not be!
The premise of the whole tale
Had fallen into bits!
He gazed in horror and disbelief.
He simply lost his wits!
If 'Felicity'  didn't do this and that
She couldn't be here and there!
Suddenly the plot was futile;
His literary cupboard was bare!
He crumpled a sheet of paper
And threw it at the wall,
Where an old ink-blot from earlier times
Seemed grinning at it all.
He staggered away from the table,
A defeated and broken man.
If you want to write a best-seller
Please make sure that you can!


Leslie: said...

I did look it up and I guessed right. I'd love to be a nelipot, too, if my feet didn't get so cold! lol

abcw team

Roger Owen Green said...

is THAT why you're so fleet of foot!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

carol l mckenna said...

delightful poetry ~ love the nelipot ~ never heard of the word ~ so thank you ~ lovely post for ABC ~ ( A Creative Harbor)

Berowne said...

Clever, entertaining. Nelipots unite!

Chubskulit Rose said...

A new word I learned this week so far.

Nuggets of Wisdom
Rose, ABC Wednesday

Lmkazmierczak said...

Both are brilliant...Love when you bare your words so cleverly♫