Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life Is


LIFE IS.......

Life is a amazed.
Think! Every single breath
Is adding fuel to your machine
And cocking a snook at death.
The fact that you're alive at all
Is quite beyond comprehension!
Think of all those wasted eggs
That were just left in suspension!
The hair that grows, the tongue that tastes,
The miraculous eyes that see,
The cells, the chromosomes, the blood,
The incredible intricacy!
Life is a miracle..... be aware.
You're a walking work of art.
Stop for just a moment
And hear the beating of your heart.


Alone.... the saddest word of all......
We are meant to be with others.
As babies we cried piteously
When parted from our mothers.
And there is nothing gloomier
Than being alone in a crowd;
When one is forced into silence
While surrounding sounds are loud;
When the party laughter is deafening
But the joke's not for your ears,
And nobody has noticed you,
You're sometimes near to tears.
And yet, to be alone by choice
Is one of living's joys.
Sitting alone on an empty beach,
With only the surf for noise,
Or listening to the silence
As one gazes at the stars,
Far away from the jangling sounds
Of a million motor-cars.....
These are the most pleasurable
Occasions we have known.
There's a world of meaning 
In that simple word 'alone'.


Kay L. Davies said...

Both poems spoke to me today, Brenda. It certainly is a miracle, a wonderful miracle, to be alive. My niece's husband (35) is in hospital in Vancouver, fighting against leukemia with chemotherapy. I'm sure he now realizes how wonderful it is to be alive.
And alone...yes, to be alone in a crowd can be simply devastating, but being alone by choice is wonderful.

Belva Rae Staples said...

These two poems brought tears to my eyes and that doesn't happen often.

my heart's love songs said...

"Life is...." is a really wonderful take on the prompt! and i agree ~ there is a difference between alone and lonely.