Thursday, October 25, 2012

It All Depends

the subject is LOVE

(I LOVE writing Acrostics!)

Love is such a varied passion
On and off and high and low,

Vying with all other feelings

Evincing yes or sometimes no.

Liking masquerades as loving.

Often we make the mistake....

Vowing that we love some foodstuff,

Even a humble piece of cake.

Lust pretends to be the real thing.

Oh the tricks it gets up to!

Vows are made that mean just nothing,

Eagerly, when lovers woo.

Loyalty can feel like loving.

Often habit feels like love.

Very often mere affection

Exhibits what  were speaking of.

Love is real, there is no doubting,

Only it is rather rare.

Viewing it as everyday stuff

Ends up cheapening those who care.



I expect you all have heard........
'Who would want to be a Nerd?
See his glasses and his ears;
Look how silly he appears!
He always gets his homework done,
(Sometimes he's the only one!)
He isn't any good at sport;
The cricket ball remains uncaught!
The girls despise him! He's so limp!
What a boring, goody-goody wimp!'
But wait! The years have now rolled by.
That nerd who was so low, is high,
With a job that pays good money!
Now he doesn't look so funny.
Ears pinned back and vision righted,
Does he care that he was slighted?
Pricey clothes and a bank account
Holding cash, a large amount.....
Models hanging on his arm
Saying he has looks and charm!
He has risen above the herd.
Sometimes it pays to be a Nerd.


sewa mobil said...

Nice article, thanks for the information.

Daydreamertoo said...

Love comes in many guises, some of it, false. And yes, I agree, sometimes love is never found because it isn't the true kind.
Loved the second poem, so true! :)