Sunday, October 14, 2012





How quickly the excitement passed.
Now all is drab again.
With London approaching winter,
When it will, most likely, rain.
I remember when it was Sydney
And we were on a high.
How soon it slipped into the past,
Into the 'days gone by'.
This picture captured the magic
A pink moon in a sky of blue,
When London was showing the Universe
All the things that it could do.
'The dust cart follows the Lord Mayor's Show'
My mother used to say.
'To travel is better than arriving'...
Be that as it may.
We live on anticipation,
We feed on memory,
And in between there's a moment
Of breathless history.

Mad Kane gave us the first line.


A woman who just let it slip
That she didn't give waiters a tip,
Got a hot coffee (large)
Down her decolletage
And was crowned by a great big egg-flip!

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Kay L. Davies said...

"A girl with a book" — it makes me cry to think of her, Brenda, and yet I'm so proud of her, as are millions of women and girls around the world, I'm sure.
As for the Olympics, the same thing happened in my home city, Vancouver. These events are great while they last, but your mother was very right.