Saturday, March 10, 2012

Life's Like Poetry

asks us to use the words in blue from song-writer
Merle Haggard.


Life's like poetry. Sometimes it rhymes,
But there are often other times
When try as you may, it just won't scan,
Or nothing seems to rhyme with 'can'.
'Streams of consciousness' just wont stream;
You point your torch but it lacks a beam.
You have a thought that quickly flies
Out of the window into the skies.
Doggerel flows but makes no sense;
The nothingness is quite immense.
But then there are days when words take wing
And life and poetry seem to sing.
Some days are better, some are worse
And the same equation applies to verse.


It isn't just the words alone;
The trick is mastering the 'sarky' tone.
Practise with the words above,
But don't say them like words of love!
Of course, the 'AND' is pretty telling,
Making the message quite compelling.
And the key-word, 'AREN'T', must be emphasised
So the hearer knows he's been chastised.
So much said with so much brevity
Without the slightest hint of levity.
She doesn't even need to say
'You haven't lifted a finger all day!!!!!!!'


Whitesnake said...

Now that was pretty good aye!

Herotomost said...

I so hate those days when nothing seems to come together and all I can manage is garbage. And as far as the second hit the nail on the head with the is all in the tone. Great Poems.

cosmos cami said...

I enjoyed both of these. Haven't we all felt like the first.
I loved the line: You point your torch but it lacks a beam.

Karen said...

Well, you sure had no problems composing great poems!

Scarlet said...

Very nice set...I am learning to rhyme but I struggle with it.

And yes, its all in the tone and expression of my face..he..he...

Happy day ~

Teresa said...

These are both quite true! I really can relate to the first, but what writer can't?

Rida said...

Ahh I wish I could rhyme HALF as well! These were delightful!

Anonymous said...

it won't scan remind me of trying to make a lot of copies in the middle of a meeting and the machine just won' know what i mean???

gainfully employed