Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Missed in the Mist



I'm practising my little speech
For when the cops arrive.
They'll be intent on your white truck
Left parked out on the drive.
My phone call has alerted them
To the little mystery;
' My husband has just disappeared!
Wherever can he be?'
They'll ask me when I saw you last
And where I was last night,
And they'll be very much intrigued
By your truck newly painted white!
They'll see the brush-strokes done with speed;
They'll notice they're not dry.
They'll see there is no number-plate
And they will ask me why.
They'll notice all the little clues,
The torn upholstery,
The brochures of the Channel Isles
Left there for them to see.
They'll find the scribbled little note
In enigmatic scrawl;
They'll notice, in the back seat,
A little old tartan shawl.
The dead rat under the bonnet
Will make them scratch their heads
And that photo of Alice and Arthur
When they were newly-weds.
The strong smell of violet perfume
Is sure to assail their noses,
And they will sniff expectantly
At the bunch of half-dead roses.
They'll have a strong suspicion
That you are stone-cold dead,
But they'll never guess that you're upstairs,
Bludgeoned in my bed!


The future'd look a great deal rosier
If Space were just a little cosier.
The concept would be more romantic
If it were slightly less gigantic.
I find that I'm so over-awed
That I become, in some ways, bored!
The whole thing is so very vast
That I just stand, amazed, aghast,
When Scientists, with gay abandon,
Suggest some planet we might land on.
They speak of light-years with panache;
They speak of old worlds burnt to ash!
Worlds collide, Red Dwarfs arise;
They even speak of our demise!
Multiverses which may be
Created for all eternity
Dazzle, boggle and befuddle
And simply leave me in a muddle.
And one thing I don't like at all.........
The damned thing makes me feel so .......

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Kathe W. said...

oiiiiie! yikes- what a take on Eric's photo!