Saturday, March 3, 2012

Panther Pink



Peter Sellers will, for ever, be
Recalled in the public memory
As the bumbling French detective
Whose methods were so ineffective,
In 'The Pink Panther' films he shone,
Yet the man himself was woebegone.
His comedic talents were immense,
Yet he was, underneath it, tense.
Like many another funny man,
Making us laugh though so dead-pan,
The man himself was quite a mess,
A tangle of wary wretchedness.
His heart was damaged and abused
By the various drugs he used.
Married four times, he had no success
In finding connubial happiness.
'Hard to live with' he admitted.
So much for being so quick-witted.
'The Sad Clown' characters are known to all;
Their art may hold us in its thrall,
Yet, often-times, we can clearly trace
The pain behind the smiling face.


A man approached a carpenter for a box he wanted made;
He wanted it by the next morning; it could not be delayed.
'I need it to be two inches high, also two inches wide,
But it has to be at least fifty feet on the longest side.'
Two by two plus fifty feet!' the carpenter gasped with horror.
'Yes' said the man 'And please make sure it's ready by tomorrow.'
The carpenter said 'I'll make the box; I'll start this very minute,
But, please, I beg you, tell me what you're going to put in it!'
'Well then' said the customer 'This is how it goes...
I'm returning something borrowed.
It's my neighbour's garden hose.'


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