Friday, March 16, 2012

Fishy Business!

supplied the book cover

Would this blurb encourage you to purchase this book?

Throgmorton de Quincy

A drug-busting adventure story!
Atherton Twinge is a private investigator.
He has tracked down
The Vertigo Twins
To the sleepy port
Of Shifftington-on-Sea.
He now lies in wait
In a pub called
'The Dog and Duck'.
One piece of the jigsaw
Is missing.
What code do the villains use
To communicate
With each other?
He gazes from his window.
The word 'Halibut'
Seers itself into his consciousness.
He has cracked the code!
When he reads 
'Sardines' next day
He knows he is on the right track.
But the gang is one step ahead of him.
Read of his adventures 
As he flees his enemies.
Crack the codes devised
By the criminals!
A clue.
'Have all loot in bag under table'
Help Atherton Twinge by breaking the codes!
Keep dementia at bay
With these handy mental exercises.

The Halibut Society: We do not take kindly to the splendid word 'halibut' being used in a crime story. Halibut are noble fish. And, furthermore, fish oil is good for dementia too! 
The President;  'Fishy' Arbuthnot.


When I was a very little lad my Mother said to me
'Make a face like that my boy and you'll see what you will see!
The wind will change direction and your face will stay like that!'
She often said those words to me; I was something of a brat.
Well, I became an adult, but, sadly, I hadn't learned;
My Mother's words were laughed at and her advice was spurned.
I became an Artist's Model, taking off all my clothes,
And sitting for hour upon dreary hour in pose after awkward pose.
Sometimes I stood on one leg, sometimes I spread my arms,
Sometimes I flexed my muscles to show-off my manly charms.
I remember on this occasion I was asked to stand on my head!
I begged, indeed I pleaded, for a sitting pose instead!
'No! No! You must be upsidedown!'; the sculptor looked quite grim
And I decided I'd had enough! I would face up to him!
I sat down heavily on a bench; I was in an awful mood;
I would stay there till he changed his mind; I'd just sit there and brood.
Resting my chin upon my fist, I pouted like a child,
Fully intending to drive the sculptor absolutely wild.
Too late I remembered my mother's words, and her chastising tone,
The wind changed at that moment, and I was turned to stone!


Sandra Davies said...

Murder AND CODes too - very clever!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Fishy business indeed! Love the names and the story line; this would be a fun read. As always, I enjoyed your poem very much also.

Have a great weekend,

Kathy M.

Kay L. Davies said...

Great book blurb, Brenda. Got a giggle out of the code. But the reason behind the Thinker statue is brilliant. LOL

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Haha! Thanks for the laugh, beginning with the name Throgmorton all the way down to the comment by the Halibut Society. You're amazing.

Grandmas Goulash said...

Sounds as if you've created the next great encryption novel seasoned with some fishy humor. Well done!