Thursday, March 15, 2012




'baffle, elegant, negate'


Excuse me! I am baffled
By the present 'skinny' craze,
I find it unattractive
In very many ways.
(Of course I'm not the target;
The opinions which I air
Are totally superfluous
And neither here nor there.)
A 'clothes horse' may be elegant
That I do admit;
When the frame is covered
Fashions seem to fit.
Floaty things and dangly things
And bits of this and that
Look better on the tall and slim
Than on the short and fat.
But when the flesh (or lack of it)
Is daringly displayed
The sight of a bony rib-cage
Leaves me very much dismayed.
Sex is designed for creation;
Basically that's true;
The female flaunts the curvy bits,
Keeping them in view,
In order to carry on the race,
(I'm sorry to be blunt),
And anything that's agin this
Is really just a stunt.
Why negate the female charms
Which Nature has allowed
Merely to tout some 'fashion'
And please the well-heeled crowd?
Belsen was a ghastly place;
And when the peace arrived,
We were appalled by the 'skeletons'
Of those who had survived.
Yet now the young and foolish
Reproduce those ghastly sights
Flaunting bony upper-arms
And stick-like legs in tights!
Take a look at the girl below;
See her smiling lips,
Her healthy sexuality
And, yes, child-bearing hips.
Attractive or unattractive......
Which one has the most appeal?
'Skin-and-bone' is unnatural;
'Flesh-and-blood- is REAL!



I haven't got a nose for wine, in fact, I rarely drink it;
I just imbibe at functions, when I take a glass and clink it.
But I yearn to be a vintner, with grapes upon the vine;
I'd love to create a vintage that was mine, entirely mine.
And what will I call my vintage? It must be quite unique,
With that quinessential chache that all wine-tasters seek.
I think I'll call it 'Tickle Taste'; that should set tongues wagging;
It doesn't sound pretentious; there is no hint of bragging.
And yet it shouts out 'Different!', a good old marketing ploy.
'Wine for the Connoisseur' I'll say 'Drink up and enjoy!'
Then wine-tasters will sip it, and smell it and swill it round,
And very soon pontificate in phrases most profound.'
'It lingers on the tongue', they'll say 'Like a distillation of Spring;
I can smell a country breeze and hear the skylarks sing.'
Or may be 'It's so mellow, it has a honey glow;
The taste's as rich as molten gold blended with pure snow!'
Some may use a hackneyed phrase such as 'Delightfully mature',
'Redolent of the cask itself' or ' Pristine, pale and pure.'
Some may sense some 'Strawberry' or even a touch of 'Smoke',
And nobody will dare suggest that the whole thing is a joke!
I speak as an ignoramus, but, as far as I'm concerned,
One either likes a drink or not; so what needs to be learned?
My palate is my palate; I'm in favour or I'm not;
I'll say 'Goody goody' if it happens to hit the spot.
People must be brave enough to make their minds up for themselves.
Watch out for a bottle of 'Tickle Taste'; it should soon hit the shelves!


Bethe77 said...

Love the use of the words this week and how you presented the skinny to a nicely shaped woman and what is more applealing. Wonderfully done.

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, yes, very skinny. Remember "Twiggy"? I'm sure she wasn't this thin.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

You never cease to amaze me with the tales you can weave with a handful of words!

My 3-Word Wednesday

Kat said...

ha ha... just keep tab on that skinny Brenda.... in couple of years she'll beat the healthy in size and shape :-

Unknown said...

Love that first piece. How is it that a near-death-skinny woman is attractive? Is this another weapon in the war on women? Gotta wonder!

Sheilagh Lee said...

I love both of these. My husband always says about those skinny women that there bones must stick into someone like a pointer. LOL
I love the name of your wine.

Angel said...

I agree with you as far as women who starve themselves to look super skinny, but I know from talking with people that sometimes we hurt naturally skinny women when we think like this. They eat, but stay really skinny just because that's how they're made.

Still I agree with the point you're making about society in a whole. It's frustrating to see what it's doing to young girls who try to emulate models.

Di Eats the Elephant said...

Very nice. I love the rhythm and rhyming of your two poems, as well as the humor in the second and the political commentary in the first...for surely it is a war against stupidity. Now we must look like we're starving? I think not.

Lady In Read said...

totally agree with you on your views on the skinny! just wonderful use of the words..