Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to the Future

We were asked to write to our future selves but I preferred to write to my past!


I was eleven, 'some years' ago,
And I can remember youth.
I'll turn the clock back and try to tell
A tale with a ring of truth.
Back, back I go to an earlier age,
And relive the doubts and fears,
Imagining things that have come to pass
As years have piled up on years.
 I cannot write of a future,
At least, not a personal one;
So I write back from my vantage point
To a life that's just begun.
'Dear Brenda'
 I'll say 'It wont be as great
As the life you used to contemplate.
You'll never achieve fame and fortune
And climb to the top of the tree.
You'll lead a ho-hum existence
As millions of people do;
(Whatever gave you the great idea
That wonders would happen to you!)
But I know you often feel on your own,
Rather depressed and sad,
Feeling that life will be awful,
And you will go to the bad.
Seeing yourself as ugly,
Unwanted and not admired,
Without the starlet qualities
That clearly are required.
Well, I'm here to send the message
That life won't all be stressful;
You'll marry and have a family
And, in that way, be successful.
Life wont be as good as your best hopes,
And it wont be as bad as your fears,
And you will grow less moody
With the passing of the years.
I write back from the future,
Back to a life begun,
And I know what I'm talking about
For I am eighty-one!

                                          Brenda Bryant


Mirror! Mirror! On the wall,
Reflecting all the leaves that fall,
Doubling-up on garden pleasure,
Multiplying floral treasure.
Pot and petal duplication;
Creating two of each creation.
Mirror! Mirror! On the wall,
Something lovely to recall.


Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Back to The Future is just wonderful!

Kat said...

Being very famous and on-top-of-the-tree can have its own setbacks..!!!

Just imagine wherever you go, people mobbing you and asking for autographs - no jolly shopping or outings etc., etc.,

The reason I decided not to become famous and be one of the faces of the masses :-))))

Life's fun this way.