Friday, March 23, 2012




This beauty should be eternal
Because it's so fantastic.
(I don't you dare say it could be
Replicated in plastic!)
Gently opening, blushing pink,
Pirouetting in our direction,
Hoping for a loving look
And a close inspection.
Wrong! It doesn't care at all
About our human viewing!
In fact it's quite oblivious
To everything we're doing!
All floral beauty is for bees
And other honeyed creatures;
This scent is not for our delight;
Nor are the glorious features.
We are just looking-on, it seems,
And not part of the game.
And, when you consider the glory,
That really does seem a shame.

As with timber, so with me;
We have natural inclinations.
The grain of the wood decides the cut
In all situations.
Sawing against the grain is hard;
Nature is being thwarted.
The resulting plank may be all askew,
Faulty and distorted.
And so it is with you and me,
We have a natural grain;
Some things come to us easily;
Others cause us pain.
Honesty may come naturally,
So, if we're forced to lie,
It goes against the grain for us,
However hard we try.
I rather like a symbol
 Which unites a man and tree,
The great oak in the forest
And folk like you and me.

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Jenny said...

Hi! These were both neat poems!

I am so sorry but I can't find your link for the letter Q!