Monday, March 26, 2012

Magic Mirror

supplied the illustration 


Merlin gave me a magic mirror
And this is what he said...
'You'll see an enlarged reflection
Of your true love's head.
The person you love most of all
Will be gazing back at you,
And I'm absolutely certain
That you'll enjoy the view.'
I carried the prize to my bedroom,
Thinking that I'd see Ned,
But I was in for a terrible shock!
I saw myself, instead!


A sense of threat. A sense of doom.
The clouds a menace, too.
A rocky giant hovers close
And the sea is grey, not blue.
And, worst of all, two demon dogs
Keep watch on the giant's head!
Is it any wonder we scurry home
Feeling a sense of dread?
Take heart! It's an Art Exhibition.
No need for you to flee!
It's Sydney's yearly display of works,
'Sculpture by the Sea'.


Tess Kincaid said...

Ah...the magic mirror speaks truth...

Carrie Van Horn said...

Love this!!!

Dave King said...

Shades of Narcissus!

Tigerbrite said...

Love the magic mirror. Well both the poems actually.

Helen said...

Wonderful ... :))

Silent Otto said...

Careful , there is another dog loose somewhere around there !