Thursday, March 15, 2012

Look Again!



'A simple sky of blue and white.'
A statement that is not quite right.
True, there's blue of the azure kind
And the whitest clouds you could ever find.
But a darker blue, a cloudy threat
Has crept up as a silhouette.
Its blue is darker by a shade
But what a difference it has made.
A skyscape that looked all set-fair,
Now tells the gazer to beware.
The day's been light and bright and warm,
But dark blue clouds presage a storm.


It's not so easy, keeping afloat
In a bottomless sea of dreams,
Always smiling charmingly
And uttering silent screams.
Was I ever a person,
In the tumult and the din?
Was I ever Norma Jean
Or always Marilyn?
I was thrown in at the deep end,
A symbol of desires
Pouting, glowing, seducing,
As publicity requires.
But, in those final moments,
Before I left the scene,
Did I say goodbye as Marilyn
Or was I Norma Jean?


Anonymous said...

intense poems!

Whispering Thoughts said...

I love the idea of blending the poetry and poems together. I visited your blog from the link on The Skywatch. I have also done a couple of cloud shots