Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kite Flight



wrote the first line


A girl who was very uptight,
Floated up on the string of a kite.
And then there were rumours
That she showed her bloomers!
Oh what an unladylike sight!

(A Duel)

(I started it)
There was a young lady from Spain
Who went out for a walk in the rain
But a deluge descended
And she was up-ended,
And got washed-away down a drain!

(And my very old friend, Trevor, sent a sequel!)

That intrepid young lady from Spain
Last heard of when washed down a drain
She swam and she swam
'Til she came to a dam
And climbed out to start over again! 

(So I responded) 
The young lady must be a bit dense! 
She hasn't an atom of sense. 
She might think it ripping 
To struggle out dripping, 
But she'll soon find she's in the past tense! 

(Trevor replied!) 
That young lady you tried to banish
She's not only wet but she's Spanish
You did not know she could swim
So you are out on a limb
As she constantly refuses to vanish! 

(I put an end to it!)
Your finale was witty and clever. 
We could write back and forward for ever! 
The lady from Spain 
I treat with disdain! 
The prize goes to you, my dear Trevor! 

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Madeleine Begun Kane said...

LOL! Fun limerick and fun limerick conversation!