Sunday, March 11, 2012

Libation to Mars

The Wordle

asks us to use all the words above


It had certainly been a big night,
And Bill was in trouble, all right.
He had poured a libation of wine
Or seven, or eight, maybe nine!
To the gods he had sacrificed sense
And now his regret was immense.
The accident gave him a jolt;
It hit like a great lightning bolt!
Bill thought he could handle the car
But 'thought' doesn't get you too far.
His victim accused and abused
But our drinker was very confused.
A cop came to settle the case;
He was charged with a great fall from grace.
'You've drunk plenty' ....this came from the cop;
Then he asked ' Did you not think to stop?
Drink-driving has taken its toll;
Now abstinence must be your goal.
The way that you handle your cars
Is just like a spaceman from Mars!'
Slurred Bill 'That is my explanation!
'Twas to Mars that I made the libation!'

                                 Brenda Bryant


Out of the shadows, into the light.
Out of the dull and into the bright.
Walking doesn't take much skill
But what a pity it's all uphill!


brenda w said...

LOL The ending of that first piece is priceless. I love it!

Mary said...

Very clever! I'm discovering that there is a lot of drinking going on in these wordles today. Mine included.

Jules said...

Fun story and rhyme too! Nicely wordled.

Cheryl said...

Very clever use of wordle words and rhyming, wheew, that must have been hard! I enjoyed both pieces.