Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yellow River

Chinese Yellow River Painting,140cm x 360cm,1097003-x
Chinese painting on silk


(An Acrostic)

Yellow as a canary bird,
Even as it flows.
Loess makes the colour;
Like molten gold it shows.
Over the boundless countryside
Wide and full and strong
Rushing through mighty gorges
It sings a river song.
Vast, the soaring mountains,
Effervescent, the tumbling foam.
River revered in China,
The Yellow River's home.
*Loess is a type of yellow silt.


This beetroot sculpture is awesome!
It's hard to believe my eyes!
That one could meet
A humble beet
In such an artistic guise!
But the more I learn of beetroot
The more I am impressed!
This dark red root
Is of great repute
And one of Nature's best!
I'm a devotee of beetroot;
I can eat it every day.
Baked or boiled,
Vinagered, oiled,
I can eat it any way.
Which may be the reason I'm healthy
At a very senior age!
So now let me list
Things you may have missed
As you've turned your cook-book page.
It can lower your cholesterol;
And your blood-pressure too!
It keeps cancer at bay
And in some clever way
Help with slimming! Yes! It's true!
I could write pages and pages
On the benefits of the beet!
And it looks so great
Sitting on a plate!
Yes! A beetroot is hard to beat!

Our friends' daughter, who goes under the name of Jaye Ford, has just written her second book and we were at the launch yesterday evening. Her first book is doing fantastically well, having been already translated into several different languages, so it was a very up-beat occasion. Both her books are of the crime-suspense genre and it appears she's found her niche. I have yet to read the latest one, "Scared Yet?", but I believe it involves stalking. There was a large crowd at the Launch, but it was too cramped for photographs.

Jeanette and her husband.

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Margaret Gosden said...

Thanks for the reminder about beets! I tend to forget
and only eat them when I fancy them!
As for Jaye Ford's book, I will see if I can find that today - since the mystery story is my favorite kind of reading.
I am down to a few current favorites, waiting for their
new books, so I look forward to finding a new one!