Thursday, March 22, 2012




asks us to use the words in blue

amateur diligent nurture 

Everyone starts as an amateur;
No-one's born proficient.
Everyone has to 'give it a go'
Before they become efficient.
Though pianists may play at four
And some of them compose;
They couldn't even la-la-la
When they were in baby clothes.
It's only by being diligent
That professionals succeed.
They have to nurture a talent,
Just as we learn to read.
The words don't jump off the pages;
We have to learn the code;
The first few steps in childhood
Are on a long, long road.
So we mustn't envy the maestros 
Who take plaudits in their stride;
Let us all admit to ourselves
That we never really tried.


Red is a rousing colour that Protestors often use!
When it comes to placards it's it's always in the news.
Here are two young ladies setting off to join a rally
Intended to stop a project, the damming of their valley!
Maybe a dam is needed and maybe it is not;
A water-supply is needed when the weather's dry and hot,
But pristine countryside is doomed; there are many broken hearts,
And many different opinions register in the charts.
These young ladies have a viewpoint and a valid one, I'm sure.
They have the right to speak their minds. Long may it endure!
I can report they had success! They, and every other supporter,
Prevented the building of the dam, the flooding of farms with water!
I still don't know the rights and wrongs, the politics of it all,
But it's good to know, in democracy, the voice that's  heard though small.


Sheilagh Lee said...

both of these are exceptional and so true we all start out as amateurs but if we work hard we can achieve our desire.
as to the protesters it is wonderful that the smallest voice can make a difference.

Angel said...

Nicely done. Practice does make perfect.

Nara Malone said...

Nice to see those small voices win.