Friday, March 30, 2012

A Little Night Music

asks us to consider Music


Wakeful, in the night
I seek solace from the radio.
I have tossed and turned with my own thoughts,
Long enough.
Surely music will soothe
This oh so 'savage breast'.
The classics.....
I will let them wash over me.
Orchestral music flows.
For a while I am exalted by cadence and rhythm.
I picture a gentle walk
By a softly-flowing stream.
For a while........
But painful thoughts intrude.
I must have words,
Someone else's words.
I turn the dial.
A nostalgic program;
Tinny voices from long ago
Singing sentimental songs
About 'moon' and 'June'.
Too painful!
Reminders of a time
Before I became disillusioned.
Before I realised that all love dies
In the end.
Congreve was wrong....
Music can be so painful
That every hurt is multiplied
And every yearning made more desperate.
Maybe crying into the dark silence
Is easier.

(A triolet)

The days draw in, the air grows cool,
The sun has grown a paler yellow.
A mist lies on the garden pool,
Where brilliant blue has been the rule;
The earth rewinds it's yearly spool,
The air is gentler, soft and mellow.
The days draw in, the air grows cool,
The sun has grown a paler yellow.


Karen said...

I agree, for a wounded heart, music is often a catalyst for sorrow.

rch said...

Well music is tricky, with me some songs can go either way depending on the memory, but your poem is achingly poignant, just like the best songs.

The triolet is excellent!!

Scarlet said...

Listening to a music makes me more melancholy...and I don't listen to it at night...I can't sleep ~

My share:

Unknown said...

Maybe crying into the dark silence
Is easier...
I tend to agree. Crying can be a sweet release.

rallentanda said...

This is a beautiful poignant poem.
Very visual and moving. Your pain is palpable. One of your best. Excellent.