Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Anti-Shrill Pill

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A girl who was terribly shrill
Was presented with quite a large bill!
She screamed fit to bust,
And blasphemed and cussed
Till somebody popped her a pill.


Not the nails of a lady who's heavily into chores!
What on earth could she possibly do with such very dainty paws?
She couldn't do any gardening; she couldn't wash the clothes.
All she could  do in comfort is sit around and pose!
She couldn't play touch-football or make castles in the sand,
And peeling the potatoes would be positively banned!
I agree they're rather pretty, with their delicate pink bows,
But 'Handsome is as handsome does' as everybody knows.

1 comment:

Kay L. Davies said...

LOL, Brenda.
My voice could really use that shrill pill. It is just dreadful, high and squeaky.
As for the dainty fingernails, they're actually very strong. I used to have my nails done (just clear, with white tips) because mine break so often, and so easily, but I got tired of the whole process. So now I'm back to having broken fingernails all the time.