Monday, March 26, 2012

Favourite Things



asks us to work on our Favourite Things

An case you hadn't noticed!

Tea-drinking sessions with people I treasure,
Happy hours lazing, enjoying my leisure 
Eating strong cheese with a biscuit or two
Singing old songs; I don't know any new!
Entering houses where friendship's residing,
Answering questions, when I am confiding;
Reading good books, though I don't do that much;
Enjoying a fabric that's soft to the touch.
Ambling along when I should be fast-walking;
Finding the right words when I feel like talking;
Editing writing when it's not too tiring;
Watering the garden. It can be inspiring.
Opening letters from well-loved old friends;
Finding I'm coping with modern new trends;
Moving the furniture into new places;
Yodelling, aided by tenors and basses. 
Finding lost socks at the bottom of drawers;
Attempting some Scrabble and writing the scores
Visiting sick people if they don't moan;
Offering Banjo a biscuit or bone.
Using up left-overs, feeling quite thrifty.
Reacting to characters who look quite shifty.
Icing large cakes! (That's completely untrue!)
Thinking deep thoughts that I won't tell to you.
Echoing statements, sometimes in reverse.
Telling folk stories, quite often in verse.
Hanging out washing that has a nice smell.
Ironing the same, though I don't do it well.
Noticing oddities when I'm in town.
Giving a smile in response to a frown'
Succeeding in writing acrostics sometimes.
A lot of it's rubbish but I'm glad that it rhymes!
*I actually don't yodel!


It wont lead you Over the Rainbow,
Or even to Munchkin Land,
But just to the local Swimming Pool,
Blue sea and golden sand.
But it's a magic pathway
For all who care to climb
This Yellow Brick Road in Newcastle
When summer's at its prime.
My two youngest grandsons came round yesterday to wish Malcolm a happy birthday. They were in their sports uniforms so I thought I'd take them together. But the best photos of them turned-out to be single ones, so I had to crop. Little boys like making funny faces!



Scarlet said...

You are a prolific writer...I do like the favorite rhyming items...I am happy that I am coping with modern new trends too ~

Your grandsons look cute ~

Kerry O'Connor said...

Your acrostic was so much fun to read. I found myself cross-referencing your faves with mine!

Margaret said...

Ambling along when I should be fast-walking;

That I can relate too! ha. You amaze me with your wit

The yellow brick road is my kind of road :) and the two boys are adorable!

Mystic_Mom said...

This is totally cool! I enjoyed this so very much.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

What a fun write! I also found myself comparing my favs to yours--