Sunday, March 4, 2012

In Like Flynn

supplied the first line.


A man who was partial to gin
Said 'Come on, let the party begin!'
But with constantly boozing,
And teenage-girl floozing,
He ended up like Errol Flynn.


I've reached the age for carpet slippers,
Sad though that may be,
And I've never worn a pair of flippers
For flipping in the sea.
But this jolly craft, so blue-and-white,
With its man in red, mid-leap,
Was a very appealing jaunty sight,
As he headed for the deep.
As craft were jostling side by side,
On the waters of the Bay
I almost hankered for a ride,
And a flippered leap that day.

1 comment:

Jae Rose said...

Maybe you can buy magic carpet slippers..there's nothing better than an armchair any age..thanks for making me :) ever..Jae