Friday, March 23, 2012

Not That Again!


asks us for a cow's point of view


Don't tell me it's that time once more!
Here he comes again!
I'm suspicious of white dust-coats
When worn by intrusive men!
I bet he goes home at night
To a normal situation,
And giving birth to offspring
Isn't his only motivation!
I've fallen in love with Boris
That glorious bull next door
And I'm, at last, only too aware
Of what sex-appeal is for!
I look at the ring in his snorting nose
And the glow of his glorious hide
And I feel all sort of funny
Deep, deep down inside.
Then along comes the man in the white coat
With his horrible great syringe
And I know that all that awaits me
Is indignity and a twinge!
There's the man in the white coat,
Coming very near.
I only hope his wife says tonight
'I've got a headache, dear!'


Compatibility Check


There are not too many fireworks when two Bulls are cast together!
In fact, I’m afraid it could be that you're in for heavy weather!
If you stay together for a while you'll find life very flat,
And, in later years, you may end up bovine and rather fat!
Your sex lives are exciting, as, at first, you're very keen,
But, as years go by, you think about the loves that might have been.
Sorry to sound depressing but you're similar to a fault,
You both would be much happier with a mate of a different sort.
You'll understand each other, because you'll think the same,
But both can be pedestrian, so thoughts will be, well, tame!
Both of you are stubborn and likely to bear a grudge
And arguments go on and on when neither side will budge.
You both are very loyal and hard-working, yes, indeed,
But something that's a contrast is what you really need.
You're at their best when sharing in a hobby or a chore,
But even this can soon become a plodding sort of bore!
Interests outside the home may see this union thrive,
Spread your wings, Taureans!
Be glad that you're alive!

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