Monday, March 5, 2012

All the Time

chose 'Spectrum'


I tend to think it very strange
That we seem to live in a time of change,
And yet 'discoveries' have existed
Long before they have been listed!
Radio waves were in the air,
When Marconi, the man, wasn't even there!
Ancient people in their caves
Were all bombarded by radio waves.
Think of the spectrum. Infra red
Didn't just raise its colourful head
Just at the time that Newton found
He was good at messing light around!
The splitting of light into every shade
Was a game that Nature had played and played
In every puddle and in the sky
Long before Newton wandered by.
A 'discovery' isn't something new;
It's just that man hasn't had a clue
Until someone with a prying mind
Has pounced on it as a brand new find.
So what of us? Are we surrounded
By undiscoveries unbounded?
What fascinations may there be
Here all the time.......that we cannot see?


A work of art in progress.
A delicate careful touch.
The sort of shot that pleases
A Grandma very much.
An Easter preparation
All organised with care;
A little Blake in an apron
Sitting upright in his chair.
What an array of colours,
Everyone sure to please!
Lucky, lucky Grandma,
With such happy memories.


Scarlet said...

I think it means we are always looking at things at a new way...and I like that concentration post...very nice ~

Happy Sunday ~

Margaret Gosden said...

He seems well organized, including with something to
support the egg! A new one on me! A good memory to have!

booguloo said...

I get excited about advances and "discoveries" in medicine the older I get. smiles...

In painting at that age I remember most mixing primary colors to get secondary ones.