Thursday, March 8, 2012




I'm reflecting on humanity
And our desire for 'goods'.
Things are so very different
From when we gambolled in the woods,
Lived in caves, ate mammoth meat,
And dressed ourselves in skins!
This was long before we knew
There could be food in tins!
Here we see two modern souls
Deciding what to buy;
An ocean-going yacht, maybe;
I see one's caught their eye.
On the other hand, this window here
Is full of tempting 'bling';
With the left-over money
They could afford a diamond ring.
We clutter-up the world with 'stuff',
Our boats, our bags, out booty,
As though 'Spend! Spend!' were the call to arms,
And spending was a duty.
The 'downturn' we're experiencing
Is having some effect,
But then we hear the traders 
Are suffering from neglect!
'Progress' is a funny thing;
We're wedded to excess
And having lots of everything
Is a sign of our success.
But, while we've been piling up the 'stuff',
There's much we've been neglecting.
Is it any wonder then,
That I'm standing here 'reflecting'?


Hey ho for the life of a Busker!
We see them each day on the street.
Tossing or throwing
Or clarinet-blowing
Regardless of shimmering heat!
Hey ho for the life of a Busker!
They bravely stand there on display.
Their one recompense
Some dollars or cents
That people throw down on their way.
Hey ho for the life of a Busker.
For sometimes they go to extremes,
Exhibiting skills
To help pay the bills,
And living, it's certain, on dreams.


Kay L. Davies said...

You're so right about the stuff, Brenda. We're getting bigger kitchen cabinets so we'll have places to put all the things Dick finds on special, or things with extra airmiles if he buys 10 of them. Drives me crazy. Three of the happiest years of my life were the ones I spent living in an 8-foot by 26-foot travel trailer. I didn't need much stuff.
I love the rhythm of your busker poem. And I love clarinets. When the tune "Stranger on the Shore" by Mr. Acker Bilk became popular, I fell in love with it. I was in high school, so I quickly found myself a clarinet player and dated him until he got tired of playing the same song over and over.

Doru AgafiĊ£ei said...

Amazing capture, very impressive words!
Thank you!

Sylvia K said...

Great post for the day and I love your reflections! I've gotten rid of most of the "stuff" that I carried around, moved around with for years and I'm pretty much down to the necessities only and it feels pretty darn good! Hope you have a great weekend, Brenda!


Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful reflections.

Regards and best wishes

Valerie said...

A great reflection Brenda and a very relevant rhyme - how much easier life is when we live it simply (says she who is rapt with the advances in modern technology - especially mobile phones, digital cameras and computers!). Thanks for sharing.

Pat said...

In my 20s I moved often and so I got rid of old stuff frequently. But now we've lived in the same house for 31 years so I have to force myself to clear out junk every 5 years or so. Clever poems, as always, Brenda. I like the reflection photos of "stuff" outside and "stuff" inside.