Tuesday, March 27, 2012





'Write about a 'moment' that's all I had to do.
'It's a simple subject, possibilities are few'.
'It will only take a moment'.....that was my very thought.
'I'll write about a 'minute'  or something of the sort.'
But when I Googled 'moment' I really got a shock
For this little concept is quite divorced from 'clock'.
It isn't a neat concept, that's what I have found;
It isn't a simple idea one can get ones head around.
For more than just a 'moment' I tried to write in verse,
But I started off as 'awful' and ended up as 'worse'.
So here it is in Google-talk, it's tricky, goodness knows!
If you want to know about 'moment'........
Here it is in prose!

Moment  is the tendency of a force to twist or rotate an object; see the article torque for details. This is an important, basic concept in engineering and physics. A moment is valued mathematically as the product of the force and the moment arm. The moment arm is the perpendicular distance from the point of rotation, to the line of action of the force. The moment may be thought of as a measure of the tendency of the force to cause rotation about an imaginary axis through a point.[1] (Note: In mechanical and civil engineering, "moment" and "torque" have different meanings, while in physics they are synonyms. See the discussion in the "torque" article, or the article couple (mechanics).) 

So now you know!


And did I prance in those wild, wild waves?
And did I have a glorious tan?
And did I wear a bikini
Hoping to attract a man?
Did I throw a beach-ball
And drink pink lemonade?
When did Time say 'Rest yourself.
Find a seat in the shade'?

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