Saturday, March 24, 2012





The butterflies of conversation
Flit  across the table,
From mouth to mouth and ear to ear
As fast as they are able.
A little bit of gossip
And a little bit of scandal
Are all these charming ladies
Find it possible to handle.
'Didn't she look awful!'
'She's worn that dress before!'
"I think he's husband number three!'
'I don't think she keeps score!'
They should be saying 'Look out there
At the water and the sky!
Look at the towering fluffy clouds!
See them floating by!
Look at the watery vista
And the gently rocking yachts!
Isn't this the very best
Of pleasant little spots!'
But no! They prefer their gossip
And triviality.
It seems that's ladies everywhere
When they go out to tea!

                                      Brenda Bryant


 To make this scene complete
A nymph who'd like to dip her feet
In waters calm and cool and sweet.
Where are you?
A female in undress,
Willing to flaunt her nakedness,
And swim among the water-cress.
Where are you?
A blond with long, long hair,
And lots of attributes to share,
Who's not afraid of going bare.
Where are you?
The final finishing touch
To reeds and weeds and rocks and such;
I don't think that I'm asking much.
Where are you?
Without a lady in the nude,
This pond looks all too plain and crude.
It's just a wasted interlude.!
Where are you?

Ah! There you are!

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Geoff Maritz said...

Oh my poor pond only has ducks and geese. If you find her again send her to my pond.
Nice pictures by the way, all of them.