Monday, March 12, 2012

Suspended Reality

Photographer with camera suspended

gave us the title


Since the invention of photography,
Used to immortalise reality,
Scenes have been captured willy-nilly,
Photographers often looking silly.
Each and every high position
Near or far or in transition
Decided upon for the best effect
Even the ones not circumspect.
Dangling from the nearest crane
Regardless of the wind and rain
Eagle-like he hangs and hovers
An odd bird among swifts and plovers.
Let those below look up and gasp
It seems that renown's within his grasp
Today throws up odd bids for fame
Yesterday was much the same.


This book is in praise of 'the nose', the dog's nose to be precise.
And, truly, it is remarkable, an astonishing device.
You have five million receptors, give or take a few.
A dog has two-hundred-and-twenty million...... rather more than you.
A dog's life is dominated by all the smells around;
That's why he's always sniffing, with his nose down to the ground.
It seems smell is his language, far more than bark or growl;
That's why he aims for trees and fences when out on the prowl.
He smells his old mate's urine and works out 'Fred's been here!'
And the smell of a lady (a canine one) is very, very clear.
In some ways, I envy a dog's life, for look at all we miss;
But, in some ways, I'm inclined to think that ignorance is bliss.
I can think of a thousand people  I wouldn't want to smell,
And smelling every drain around, well, that would be pure hell!
No, let dog's keep their noses; at least we thrill to colour;
They tell me a dog sees mostly grey.
His life must be much duller.

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Ragnhild said...

Love your poem :) That photo is breathtaking.