Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Wearing of the Pink

Plant Painting Original Oil Painting Flowers pink green Anemones Blossoms Leaves Garden Landscape rustic natural 12 x 20 inches

with a slight nod to St Patrick's Day


There must be a scientific reason,
Some trick of brain and eye,
But I don't think I want to know it,
 So I wont even try.
Next to pink, green is greener,
Next to green, pink's more pink;
Maybe they are opposites,
Or maybe there's a link.
Or maybe a childhood memory,
Floods our minds when we see
Green and pink together,
In perfect harmony.
'Fresh' and 'Spring', even 'Romance',
And memories of what has been
Come into our minds when we see it........
Pink alongside green.

(A poem for children.)

I went to the Mad Hatter's Party.
My name is Filipo the Flea.
But though you may look
For me inside a book,
You will never, no never, find me!
I went to the Mad Hatter's Party.
And sat on the Mad Hatter's hat!
I jumped all around,
Without making a sound
On the table, the chairs and the mat!
I went to the Mad Hatter's Party
And nobody saw me at all!
You may look everywhere
But you won't find me there
Because I'm so terribly small!


Jinksy said...

Green and pink- complimentary colours, no less. :)

Jeanie said...

What a beautiful painting! Yours? You're absolutely right -- pink, I think, is one of the neutrals -- goes with anything and makes everything look better! Lovely!

Jeanie from The Marmelade Gypsy

Marianne C. said...

What wonderful poems!!

I, too, like green and pink together. They really are a sporting pair, aren't they?


LV said...

Great pink feature for today. the poems are most fitting.