Thursday, March 1, 2012

If Only

              Ellen Wilson 

supplied the photograph


Nature, as it fades, becomes more lovely.
Tracery is revealed as leaves depart.
The scaffolding of petals flaunts its beauty;
We see a variation on the art.
Autumn delights us with its fading treasures;
The ageing process is a thing of worth.
The going down into the soil is lovely,
The echoing of bright and brilliant birth.
How human-beings fight against the fading!
With potion and with pill they wage a war.
They fool themselves that they can turn the clock back
And be as young and virile as before.
If only we could dwindle as a flower does,
Growing more lovely, in a different way,
Accepting that it's all part of the pattern,
Accepting that the night will follow day.

(An Acrostic)

Refreshed we greet the morning sun.
If day has come, the night is done.
Sleepily we rub our eyes.
Each day is a new surprise.
All the birds are singing madly.
'Night has gone!' they whistle gladly.
Daisies sparkle in the grass.
Sailing by, the white clouds pass.
Happiness is everywhere,
In the sky, the earth, the air!
Now's the time to dance in clover!
Except for me!
I'll just roll over!

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