Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Too Deep

asks us to eschew 'surface' poetry


Some poetry is, oh, so 'deep' I cannot understand it!
Though I admire the minds of all the poets who have planned it.
I find myself exhausted by the endless metaphors
And the flowery similes (no, of course I don't mean yours!)
My poetry is 'surface', that I must admit,
But at least it's understandable, every little bit.
And I know there is a movement that's quite appalled by rhyme.........
I try to get away from it but it crops up all the time!
Somewhere between the 'deep' stuff and the doggerel that is mine,
Lives perfect, delicious poetry, which intoxicates like wine.
How I long to write it, but I have a frivolous Muse
Who insists on my involvement in the topics that I choose.
I really am quite 'deep' (I think); I consider life and death,
And what will that moment feel like when I take my final breath.
I consider politics, and I consider war,
I consider love and hate and what the two are for.
But like a little insect, flitting above a pool,
I tend to write quite flippantly, when I'm blogging, as a rule.
If I tried the 'deep' stuff, like the poets of renown,
I'd soon slip beneath the surface and then, I fear, I'd drown!


We feel 'blue'. But why 'blue'.
Surely any colour would do!
Why should such a peaceful colour
Be alluded to as duller,
Sadder, and more distressed
Than red or green or all the rest?
Big blue storm clouds come to mind;
They make us feel more tense, I find.
But is that just a sort of fear,
Brought on by danger lurking near?
Strangely enough, it's in the eye
That the answer's said to lie.
Depression causes the eye to see
Colours much less vividly!
Recovered depressives often say
Brighter colours have come their way!
They remark that the world seems brighter
Once their hearts are feeling lighter.
So, since shadows are often blue,
That must be what's alluded to.
Somewhere, someone, coined the phrase,
Describing one of his 'colourless' days,
When everything seemed dull and shaded,
Drab, depressing, and down-graded.
Maybe he said 'I'm feeling...............blue'.
And now the whole world says it too!

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