Tuesday, March 27, 2012


supplied the prompt


It was ever thus; the cry 'Cut down the trees!'
Always precedes development, disregarding pleas.
Britain was a country with woodlands far and wide,
Where song-birds could be carolling and where animals could hide.
The beauty that it now displays is of an artificial kind,
With rolling pastures everywhere, by green hedgerows defined.
We're accustomed to this transformation, by generations viewed;
We enjoy the fields of produce, all lush and many-hued.
But, before the 'picture postcard', a massacre took place,
And this has been the habit of all the human race.
'Cut down the trees!' has echoed back and forth across the world
Wherever a new nation has seen its flags unfurled.
How many trees is 'China', at present, chopping down
In order to create another huge and concrete town?
Some time into the future, when the world is filled with leases,
Maybe we'll enjoy the trees as old museum pieces!
Fathers will take their sons to see ' a good old-fashioned tree'
Sitting in a big glass case, a relic of history.


Everything depended upon this single card.
It should have been so easy and yet now it seemed so hard.
For twelve long years on Valentine's Day she'd sent a card to him,
But no response was forthcoming; the future was looking grim.
She'd signed herself 'Anonymous' throughout the twelve long years,
And the result was always sad, with her in floods of tears.
But today she signed herself  'Louise' and added her address.
And here he was coming up the path! Oh joy! Oh happiness!


Bubba said...

I liked your take on my Monday Morning Photo Prompt, Brenda... one of the reasons I took that photo was because I missed the beautiful reeds and wildflowers that used to be in that field before they leveled it and covered it all with gravel. Progress doesn't always improve things.

Kathe W. said...

I dont tink this is preachy-rather it is something that all of us should notice and take heed before all the birds and trees are gone. Progress indeed!