Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little Red Bird

supplied the photo at just the right time for this worried blogger!

(After Patience Strong)

A little red bird sits in my heart
And bravely it sings when my worries start.
Though dark the clouds or cold the rain
It warbles its song with might and main.
At times the warble is rather frail,
But it gives a wag of its little tail.
It perches there on a perilous wire
And as the clouds loom, darker, higher,
It becomes braver, more intense
Singing 'Worries! Get thee hence!'
I fear for it in the dead of night
When the worries are full of dread and spite,
And I sometimes wonder if it's still there,
Throwing its song at the threatening air.
But to a thread of hope it clings
And, buffeted by the wind, it sings.
A little red bird sits in my heart

And bravely it sings when my worries start.


Oh Moon! Thou shinest round and bright
Central to the velvet night.
And we, thy handmaidens, draw nigh,
Worshipping thee, Queen of the sky.
We are poor things that feebly glow,
Standing on stalks, transfixed, below!
Thy silver orb is oh so great,
We cannot hope to emulate
Thy fearsome whiteness shining down
On this, our shabby little town.
We turn our faces up to you
Trying to learn what we should do.
But we are in the power of men,
Switched on and then switched off again!
Oh Moon! Oh goddess! Cast thine eye
Upon thy handmaidens who.........try!


Kat said...

chirping birds are always a delight. Lovely poem.

Bubba said...

Hey! Two for one!

I like the inspiration of your little bird - a guardian angel of sorts - then your moon piece echoed that sentiment and made it a plea to a deity.

Both pieces were terrific, Brenda!

Thanks for playing along with M.M.P.P.

Kathe W. said...

lovely poems- your words are always a delight!